Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Lost in the Post ? Or lost in space ?

Hat tip to CentreRight:

"Dear Nick,

Last week I wrote to you about the Liberal Democrats' position in the Lords on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. I have still had no reply.

Yesterday, the Lords rejected by 226 votes to 197 an amendment to improve parliamentary scrutiny and accountability over the Government's use of the opt-in on crucial justice and home affairs issues. The amendment was recommended by the cross-party Constitutional Affairs committee. In the Commons your party voted on a three line whip in favour of a near identical amendment. In the Lords your party voted on a three line whip against it. The vote was lost because your party voted against it.

Why did your party vote in utterly opposite ways in the Lords and Commons? Was it because you have completely changed your mind? Was it because your Liberal Democrat Lords are out of control? Or is it because your real objective is to see the Lisbon Treaty in force at all costs before the British people have a chance to have their say?

Tomorrow the Lords will vote on a referendum on the Treaty. Why do you refuse to explain why they are set to vote in a completely different way from your MPs? Don't voters have a right to know? Is it because your position is completely indefensible?

I look forward to your answer.

Yours sincerely,

William Hague

P.S. As I reminder I enclose my letter of last week. Owing to the public interest in this matter I am releasing this letter to the media."


Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems support the treaty, but also support a referendum on the treaty. They want the public to be asked, as they say that they are confident that they could get the public to support it if it was put to vote. Who knows if they could or not?

The Tories though, still don't have a clue about Europe.

Man in a Shed said...

The Lib Dem position was based on its problems getting MPs returned to Westminster when you support the gradual destruction of the UK and the creation of an European empire.

Hence the need to fake outrage and then pretend your intrested in people opinions.

Everyone knows that Lisbon wasn't wanted by the people and the EU might not be either.