Monday, 11 January 2010

A Clockwork Clegg is back

With the general election not far away this blog is being fired up for one more try.

It written from a sceptical right of centre, but not necessarily always hostile, viewpoint.

There are many things to admire about Nick Clegg - today's attempt to ditch excessive Lib Dem spending policies is one of them ( see here ). Of course tomorrows Guardian may well have a letter telling him he'll do no such thing, but we'll see.

Nick Clegg strikes me as someone who made a few wrong turns early in life ( Europhilia and not listening to Mrs Thatcher's society speech properly being among them ), but he's not you usual insane Lib Dem promise merchant either.

He's a bit more complex, and is worth watching.

Although personally I think he'll be luck to survive the year as Lib Dem leader.

PS If you'd like to help contribute to a Clockwork Clegg, on the same basis, drop me a line.

Man in a Shed