Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Clegg on Newsnight slips up

Newsnight have been keen to give the Cleggoid a helpful shove into public politics, given he was so keen on a low profile leadership campaign.

Jeremy Paxman challenged him to say anything interesting about himself - to which he answered about liberalism and suggested Jeremy decides if its interesting. but the really damaging stuff was on the Cleggoids intention to use the New Labour con-trick of pretending to listen to 'ordinary people'. ( Remember Clegg had no idea who The Pogues are - so clearly deals with a lot of ordinary people. )

The Cleggoid talked about Britain in terms of tolerance and pluralism - no mention of England. You have to wonder if he sees himself as an Englishman at all !

Clegg then screws up talking about a Conservative government ( when he means the Conservative party ).

The Cleggoid states challenges for his party, when asked to by Paxman:

Start where people are. ( Confused if listening to this is anything to go by ), not where we think they should be. ( Notice the implied wish to boss everyone round and make them into slaves of his political ideals ). He then mentions Education, health and security ( YAWN YAWN - this is the bankrupt politics he's going to spend the next few weeks trying to decry - it because politicians go on about motherhood and apple pie all the time that the public is giving up on them.) Paxo points out this is what everyone else says , but the Cleggoid - bless his cotton socks - says he doesn't think they have the answers (more YAWN - no analysis ). Now the old talking not delivering line from Clegg ( absolutely anyone in any party could mouth this drivel ).
Then he promises new thinking from his party on these issues - we'll we will have to wait and see.

Cleggoid talks about his plan for Town hall meetings ( tm Gordon Brown and New Labour ) - but then admits that he won't change his mind after listening to people !! So for example the wish of the vast majority of the people for a referendum on the EU Constitution gets the colleagues standard answer of no - but we might think of one on the EU ( you can be sure that wouldn't happen if he thought he might lose it ).

In short Nick Clegg thinks the people are wrong, and doesn't intend to change his mind after listening to them.

Doesn't look very liberal does it ? He's certainly not sounding very democratic.

Wonder how this will go down with the Lib Dems ?

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