Friday, 21 December 2007

The Lib Dem reshuffel - caution or fear ?

So the Cleggoid won't be stamping his authority on the party with his current reshuffle. Thats his first big mistake.

There's a bit of tinkering round the edges - see Conservative home here .....

The Huhne monster is to have his boot boy talents put to work giving Jacqui Smith a good kicking, but as that's Clegg's old post so it won't be long before he's winding Clegg up, a lot ! In fact I think I heard him doing it on R4 the world at one today.

Clegg has a problem. He's 40. That means he's destroyed the career ambitions of every MP of the same age or above. They may say they support him, but the older ones know they have to get rid of him or just retire. ( To some degree this is the problem William Hague suffered from ).

The reshuffle was his chance to stamp his authority on the parliamentary party. He has instead been cautious,and in doing so may already have shown fatal weakness.

It doesn't look good for the Cleggoid.

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