Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The future of the Lib Dems - 4 party politics

The future of the Lib Dems - 4 party politics

Shameless cross post here, so read the above first, - but its an issue nick Clegg has to resolve he has 5 basic choices:

1) Head left - with liberal social, but corporatist economic views. ( ie towards the Labour party).
2) Head left with conservative social policy and corporatist economic views ( ie were the SDP was ).
3) Head right with liberal social and liberal economics ( empty space were the Liberals should have been, but never were ) - after all I am a Liberal says Nick.
4) Head right with conservative social and liberal economic view ( but David Cameron and the Conservative are there already).
5) Fudge the issue - continue to be all things to all men and the party of protest - but stand for nothing. ( The usual Lib Dem solution ).

Thanks to Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy the Lib Dems have grown to point that they have to actually grow up and make a coherent explanation of what they stand for.

I ask again - what is the point of the Lib Dems ? Nick Clegg should deliver an answer.

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