Sunday, 20 January 2008

Two health messages - after all its the Lib Dems

To the right - Nick Clegg says in the Telegraph that everyone should have the 'right' to private health care.

To the left - he gets the BBC Guardianista headline of abolishing Health care inequalities.

Safe in the knowledge that he will never be responsible for these decisions he can make up what ever fantasies he wants.

By the way inequalities are the result of any free (ie liberal ) health care system since people get to make choices, some of them good, some not so good.

He makes the headline grabbing statement about health care outcomes in parts of Sheffield, but since peoples choices to a large degree determine their health you either take those choices away (vote Labour if you want to be farmed by socialism ) or you give people information and responsibility for their choices (vote Conservative).

If you want to bore people at dinner parties with unworkable plans then you vote Lib Dem.

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